Aughhhh, it’s August!

Okay, so I took most of the summer off.  Gimme a Break!  Between work, vacations, school, and all the other everyday life I just felt that I needed some time to focus on the things that are part of my life.  And now…school begins in just a week, one more vacation coming up, work will slow down after school starts, and life is slowing down just a little.  And since August is upon us, the heat is on!  Literally, it is HOT and going on the second straight week of over 100 degrees.  But, I know it won’t last long and as for ‘global warming’…well, let’s just say its like this most Augusts and in Arkansas it is kind of expected.  So, today I found some time to whip up a cute Quick Page from the kit Built Boy Tough by Aprilisa Designs & Pure Creativity Designs at DigitalScrapCafe.  It is perfect for all the boys I have in my life, including one adorable grandson! 

Here’s my page with this fantastic kit!


And here’s the Quick Page freebie just for you.  I figured if you made it this far, you deserve a treat!  LOL

Download Here til August 16th.

Mid-May Madness

It’s been a crazy month with lots happening everyday…..even the weekends have been hectic.  But lookie at what I got in the mail…..

Wahooooooo!!!!!  Now, one class to go and then it’s really official.  I’ve got my Labor Relations  class and boy, this is going to be a doozey!  Four tests, 3 research papers, and a final….all in 5 weeks!!!  OMG, I’m so going to need a vacation after this.  But it’ll be worth it, I know!  Along with going on a float trip, tech conference and visiting my grandmother, I doubt I’ll even have a moment to eat or sleep!  LOL  Yeah, can you see me missing a freakin’ meal.  That’ll be next…..DIET!

Everyone seems to be making it right now.  Lots of things going on in everyone’s lives but we’ll all be alright.  Bill has been on a few runs lately and it just seems like its perfect timing since it seems like everything is due at the same time.

Other than that, nothing too special happening around here.  So with that, I’ll check back in awhile.  Note that I’m not specifying a particular date because you never know when I’ll pop in here.  Maybe someone can give me a really good reason to post more often.  LOL

~~~ mwah ~~~

What a Week!

Hey….glad you stopped by.  Lots have happened since last week.

First, yes…I had a super birthday considering everything that happened.  In 20 years, my hubby has never been prepared for my birthday but this year….boy did he do it big!  On Sunday the 18th, he threw me a surprise birthday party at Hardriders with lots of our friends and family there.  I swear, he simply never ceases to amaze me.  Love him so much!

Then, on the 19th (which is actually my birthday), he and his mother and sister were to decide whether to let his daddy go and pull him off life support as he was suffering so bad with his breathing.  Well, people’s feelings and their love for Leon just wasn’t ready to let him go so they decided to wait until Tuesday, the 20th.  Skip ahead 20 or so hours…

Tuesday morning as we were getting ready to go pick up Bill’s mother and take her to the hospital, we got a call from the hospital at 7:15am stating that they were not able to stabilize Leon’s blood pressure.  We scrambled out the door and as we got to the exit to Bill’s mother’s house the hospital called at 7:30am and informed us that Leon had passed away.  We arrived at the V.A. around 8:30am and as we entered the room, I sensed a relief and a peaceful feeling that Leon was no longer suffering and thankful that God took him in His own time and the family did not have to make a decision that would have likely caused alot of hard feelings towards one another.  Leave it to God to do things His way.  Anyway, you can imagine what the rest of the week was like.  (Skip along a few days…..)

So, I knew that with Bill’s ex coming in to comfort Billy (he took his grandpa’s death really hard) that things could go either way.  Oh, she’s befriended me on Facebook and just been so “sweet” and I also know that there’s always a reason behind her motives but I didn’t think things would go the way they did with her.  Friday evening was visitation and Bill and I hardly had 5 minutes together in days.  As we finally had a moment and wanted to view the rolling photo display…Bill’s BIL came in to tell us that Bill’s ex “needed” him.  I dealt that blow okay as Bill went out to see what she “needed”.  Nothing….as usual!

Next day….funeral!  The funeral looked beautiful with the American flags flying outside as Leon was a WWII vet.  Lord….it just touched my heart.  Well, Billy is falling apart inside and his mother (don’t forget she’s there to comfort him) is outside and hugs up on Bill….needing him.  Okay…no problem right?!?!?  NO!  Not right there in front of MY mother and father.  Seriously….Bill is talking to my parents and she had to come up and do this in front of my parents.  Oh….I lost it but not quite yet.  The funeral went off well and I was so proud of Billy for getting up and speaking of his grandpa in front of everyone.  It was really hard for him.  (Skip along a few hours….)

We’re at my MILs house….people gathering….Bill’s ex acting like nothing happened….just conversing with him outside.  Well, it was time for us to go home and on the way home….I’m really ashamed of this but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.  I freakin’ blew up in the car, probably driving like a mad woman down the freeway.  We’ll get through this, I know.  (Skip to Sunday….)

We went back over to see Bill’s relatives off and….of course….you know who!  As she was saying her goodbyes, I’m sitting right next to Bill…trying not to look at her and of course she needs another hug from Bill.  He tried to avoid it and she just said “Oh, Come On….Really?!?”  I know he had to because both of his kids were right there and so was like 30 other people.   I’ve maintained myself since but I so felt like I had been kicked in the stomach the entire weekend.  I didn’t eat for 2 days.

This past week went quite well…just quiet.  I had my final on Thursday and I think I did well.  Last night I had my graduation from ASU and I’m now holding a Bachelors degree in Technology!  Wahooooo!!!!  Everything went well there but afterwards…..Tornados!  We had a very bumpy, late night and so much destruction around us but we are so very thankful that our family and friends are well.  I’d post pictures but my camera is still in my MILs car.  I promise, I’ll post soon.

So, life has thrown us a few curve balls lately.  I do believe we will endure all that comes our way and we will persevere but Lord, why must it seem so freakin’ hard at times.

Thanks for reading up to here.  I had to get some of this off my chest!  Until next time….later y’all!


Another year older?  OMG, I so need to stop having birthdays.  Well, technically, today, I don’t consider myself as hitting mid-40s until tomorrow.  HA!  So, tomorrow….well Monday actually, I plan to post a photo of me and then next year compare.  This ought to be interesting.

But until then, I’ve got a sweet little Quick Page to share with you all.  I am still working on a couple of my Easter photos from 2 weeks ago but this kit ‘Easter Bunnies’  by Keley Domingues is just the perfect kit to show off my little cuties.

Aren’t these little guys just too cute?!?!  And there are a ton of wonderful kits at DSC so go check it out!

Here’s my final freebie for the month of April.

Easter Bunnies by Keley Domingues

* download expired *

Funky Posting

Well, its been a couple of weeks now and Funky Playground Designs (better known as FPD) has re-opened and the designers and owner Michelle Batton have kept us busy with some fabulous, FUNKY designs.  Here’s a few of my pages I’ve created with the new goodies:

So, whatcha thinking?!?!  You gotta get on over there!  Here are a couple of my fav kits:

There are lots of designs being uploaded so don’t miss out and get on over the Funky Playground!

‘Til next time…..ta-ta!

Graduation Countdown

Yeah….almost there!  Just a few more weeks and I’ll finally graduate and I can hardly wait.  It’s been a long time coming and since I sat out for 9 years, it really has been a while.  But…I didn’t quit and am finally completing my Bachelors degree.  I even created my own announcements to send out to family & friends, picked up my cap & gown, and now….finishing up my final semester of classes.  And I’m not doing too bad in the way of grades, either.  I’m really excited about this milestone in my life and, with a little luck, I may get into the Master’s program at UALR.  I’m hoping to get into the Educational Technology program there since alot of what I do for my job is part of the program.  I guess that’ll be my next step….once I find out what my GPA ends of being when I’m done.

In other life matters, I applied for another site CT and I would love to be part of the team there since I already CT for 2 of the designers.  It would be an awesome birthday present to be on the team but there are soooo many other talented scrappers and it’s the ‘Dream Call’ for alot of girls.  I guess I’m just going to have to pray that this is my time but if not, well….it’s certainly not the end of the world.  But it would be pretty cool though.  I’ll keep you updated.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with all the grandbabies and after we got them all “sugar’d” up, we sent them on their way back home.  I just love being a grandmother and doing all the things that my mom did to me when my kids were younger.  Here’s my little cuties



Aren’t they all just a mess!  And although 2 of the little ones in the 2nd photo aren’t actually MY grandbabies from my son, they’re still grandbabies.  Love ‘em all, I tell ya!

So, we’re dealing with DH’s father.  They put him on a ventilator today and its pretty much just a matter of time.  My MIL was really upset earlier and had been crying but was trying to hide it from DH.  She’s trying to be strong but its inevitable that you can never be really prepared for the death of a loved one.  I just pray that God will see us all through this.

Well, gotta run!  Class starts in an hour and I gotta get my rear in gear!  Much love to you. 

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter to each and everyone out here in the digiland.  It’s going to be a beautiful day and this week is supposed to be wonderful riding weather so I’m hoping Bill & I can get a couple of hours riding on the Harley.

Hey, it’s a new month and I’ve got another wonderful Quick Page to share with you all.  When I saw this gorgeous kit by Keley Domingues I knew it would be perfect for those spring wedding photos and since our friends got married yesterday, I want to share with you too.

There are a ton of wonderful kits at DSC so go check it out!

Here’s my 1st freebie for the month of April.


In Black and White by Keley Domingues


* Download Expired *